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Waiting for the sun is a two-members band formed by Carlos Naranjo and Txetxu de la Portilla in full confinement at the second wave of Sars-cov-2. Although it was born as a result of the pandemic situation, both musicians have worked since very young and maintained a deep relationship from which they always kept the 'promise' of working on a shared project, which ironically took place thanks to an unfavorable scenary as it has assumed the COVID-19 situation. In fact, none of them have been physically in the same room since Txetxu resides in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) and Carlos in Calafell (Catalonia), so the whole music has been developed in separate recording sessions making it work thanks to a transcendental understanding/spiritual/artistic connection.


Waiting for the sun is therefore a symbol of 'the unbreakable harmony' through time, space and adversity, with a music style deep into the emotional whose core (as the song of the same title sings) could be:

Waiting for the sun
My family and friends they're all away
Despite this night is being so long
I would wait for you to come back to me someday


Txetxu de la Portilla (Canary Islands, Spain) is a multi-instrumentalist musician (classical/acoustic/electric guitar, bass, piano), composer/arranger, vocalist, sound enginer, producer and european manager/media director at MMG. He has a degree in sound/image (Leeds University) and actually he's at 'Las Palmas G.C. University' as a teacher among other functions, specially remarkable at the digital animation development. 

As a composer, he stands out for his deeply emotional, passionate and highly expressive mood up to any music genre, which he maximizes with occasional orchestral arrangements. In a so versatile style, he is capable of playing in various genres as in so many projects in which he has participated/composed where his stamp of identity is always present.

Carlos Naranjo Santana (Canary Islands, Spain), is a multi-instrumentalist musician (classical/acoustic/electric guitar, theorbo, lute, celtic lyre, bass, drums), composer/arranger, with both degrees in classical guitar and early music plucked string instruments. He began his musical career in a metal band (Hidden Sin) with Txetxu de la Portilla, with whom he continues to work these days (Waiting for the sun, Made of Clay and other projects). His musical styles are so variated from rock/blues/metal through jazz/bossa/funk to classical/early music.


Apart from his solo and collaborative musical projects, he is professionally engaged in music pedagogy and as a session musician/arranger/composer.

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