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Basic needs (rock)

What if (2018)


Basic needs (rock)

As It Is (2019)

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Basic Needs was founded in 2016 in Spain when musicians Txetxu, Shane and Juan found a "basic need" to write and record songs. The band then recruited bassist Arcadio, completing the outfit. Right away, the band's songs started to take form; they realised something was happening. The way jam sessions started to produce solid songs was just an introduction to the chemistry Basic Needs found on stage. Having two lead singers in the band - Txetxu and Shane - made Basic Needs stand out from the rest of the local bands.  


Juan Mayor's lead guitar licks fire off like instant classic rock riffs and garnering big cheers from live audiences, along with Arcadio`s impeccable bass lines that are influenced by his virtuoso classical guitar playing.​ Gaining momentum and confidence with growing support from fans and press, the band went into the studio in 2018 to record their debut E.P., What If.


The title track single, "What If," rotated on Spanish radio music charts for eight weeks, making to No. 3 for two weeks.​ Soon after, Midpoint Music Group, a U.K. record label, signed Basic Needs. The label booked them into the studio to record their debut album, As It Is. 

​is It Is was recorded at Jesiisma (Galdar, Spain) and mastered by the legendary Bernie Grundman at BernieGrundman Mastering in Hollywood, California.


As It Is is available on all digital platforms.

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